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There are so many great products and resources, here are a few that we use and trust 

We use this product everyday if you surf the internet especially if you play games on facebook this product is worth getting.  If you purchase it through the link we will receive credit from Malwarebytes


Norton tends to use more resources than other products on the market, but finds more viruses, than their competitors. We are currently using Norton Security on half of our buisness and personal computers. This is another product we receive a credit if you use the link. 

Small Heading
Open Office

We cannot say enough about this amazing and free product. It does just about everything Microsoft Office does and it is free. 

Burn Aware

This burning software is awesome, simple to use, and it is free for residential use. 

Classic Shell

If you cannot stand the look of Windows 8 or 10 this freeware is awesome. It gives you the appearance and feel of older versions of windows, while keeping the updated features of the newer OS.

AAcronis True Image

After being frustrated with other system backup options I am very happy to find Acronis True Image. It is very easy to setup up and doing a restore was a snap.

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